We make brand-building cost effective.

(Not many other firms can make this claim!)

Let’s face it. Most firms markup out-of-pocket expenses for work conducted by their partners. They see data collection and viewing subcontractors’ work products as another source of their profits.

We don’t.

Instead, we only charge you for the time we spend working on your project and pass through any out-of-pocket expenses directly to you. What’s more, we do all this through a fixed-bid proposal/contract, so you never have to worry about what the actual project-cost will be. We take the risk. Not you.

IMPORTANT: During data collection on survey projects, we routinely toss out 10-20% of would-be respondents because they didn’t take the survey seriously.

Many data collection firms say that they do this, but we haven’t found any that meet our high standards. So we take on this duty without any additional charges, and you only pay for good respondents.

The simple fact is, you’re making multi-million dollar decisions based on your research, so we want to make sure the data is “real.”

This is just one example of many things we do that are invisible to our clients but are critical for making sound business decisions.

If you enjoy working with one of our creative or media planning partners after our work is finished, we’re tickled pink and don’t hang around adding needless time and fees. But we’re always there should you need us to solve any new challenges. And that’s a promise.